Chef’s Feature’s 04/24/2017

Chef’s Feature’s 04/24/2017

SOUP: Local Veggies, Tomatoes, Spring Greens

BISQUE: Caramelized Onion


AQUAPONIC GREENS: Baby Purple Romaine, Romaine, Oak Leaf Lettuces

ANCIENT GRAIN: Rhubarb, Citrus, and Fresh Herb Brown Rice

MUSHROOMS: Cultivated: Oyster and Shiitake

DAILY SNACK: (IPA or HBW Troegs Raspberry Gose) White Bean and Fennel Salad: White Bean, Fennel, Parsley Leaves, Fennel Fronds, Radish, Marigold and Grapefruit Vinaigrette | Fried Pita Chip | Calicutts Fire Salt | Pickled Shallots | Hop Honey

BURGER: (Sour Beer or HBG Pizza Boy Flemboyant Flemish Red): Fried Veal Chop | Pomegranate, Cherry and Lime Puree  | Gorgonzola | Green Tomato | Brioche

SEAFOOD: (Wheat, Belgian OR HBW Free Will DC Cranberry Saison): Crab and Fresh Herb Mash Galette: Black Trumpet Mushroom Dust | Grilled Ramps | Red Wine Pickled Lotus Roots | Saffron Pickled Lotus Root  | Tangerine Emulsion | Dill | Cucumber Foam |

FARM ENTRÉE: (IPA, DIPA, OR HBW Highway Manor The Juice): Bourbon Pork Stew: Culantro, Coriander, and Scallion Yogurt | Fried Fennel | Grilled Baguette | Fresh Herb Pesto

VEGAN ENTREE: – (DIPA, Brown Ale): Maple and Lime  Quinoa | Grilled Asparagus | Lemon and Ginger Grilled Watermelon Radish | Grilled Leeks | Apricot Infused White Balsamic

Brûlée: Cherry Lime

COBBLER: Strawberry, Balsamic, and Elderflower

COOKIES: Nana’s Chocolate Chip | Chocolate, Chocolate, Pumpkin Seed | Gooey Espresso Brownie | Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Fudge Truffle |  Chocolate Graham Cracker Short Bread | Hopped Macaron with Roasted Walnut Filling


-Keswick Creamery Crottin

-Hidden Hills Old Gold

-Goat Pate

-Duck Confit

-Cured and Smoked Trout

-Toasted Spent Grain and Chili’d Pumpkin Seeds

-Hop Honey, PIPA Mustard, and Pickled Mustard Seed

-Pickles: Lotus Root | Baby Carrot | Hop Shoots

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