CHEF’S FEATURES 08/09/2017

CHEF’S FEATURES 08/09/2017

SOUP: Pork, Sausage, and Cabbage

BISQUE: Red Wine, Beef, and Tomato

SEASONAL VEGETABLE: Lemon & Olive Oil Grilled Kohlrabi

AQUAPONIC GREENS: Frisee and Escarole

ANCIENT GRAIN: White Wine, Cabbage, Radicchio and Mexican Mint Marigold Bulgar

MUSHROOMS: Cultivated: Oyster, Shiitake and Lion’s Mane


DAILY SNACK (NE IPA, Gose, Sour): Rosemary Puffle | Elderflower and maple Macerated Nectarines | Cucumber and Lime Whipped Cream | Peach and Marigold Emulsion | Malt and Vanilla Ice-cream

BURGER (Sour Beer or IPA/DIPA): Grilled Eleven Oaks Farm Wagyu Beef (two 6oz patties) Seasoned w/Calicutts Montreal | Softened Cheddar | Scotty’s BBQ | Heirloom Tomato | Aquaponic Greens | York Pretzel Company Pretzel Roll

SEAFOOD – (Wheat, Belgian): Pan Seared Halibut |Lemon & Olive Oil Grilled Kohlrabi | Bacon Infused Purple Mash Potatoes | Beet Vinaigrette

11 OAKS WAGYU: Sirloin Steak, Custom Cut

FARM ENTRÉE (IPA, DIPA): Canederli en Brodo! Chef’s version of a Northern Italian Meat Dumpling: Sweet Hog Farm’s Pork, Parmesano Reggiano, Lemon, Spices, Bread, Cream, and Eggs | Floating in a Brodo made from Pork bones and veggies | Chive Flowers | Lardo and Grilled Baguette | Fennel Fronds

VEGAN ENTREE – (Pilsner, Lager): Maple and Lime Quinoa | Grilled Watermelon | Grilled Watermelon Radish | Grilled Greens | Hibiscus Gastrique

Brûlée: Shoofly Pie

Brûlée: Rose and Almond

COOKIES: Nanna’s Chocolate Chip | Choco-Chocolate Chip, Sesame Seed, White Chocolate Chip | Birthday Cake Shortbread w/Blueberry Pomegranate Glaze | Grapefruit and Chocolate | Peach Lollipop | Tangerine and Vanilla Cream Macaron
Seasonal Ice Cream: Strawberry Basil

-Keswick Blue Suede Moo
-Hidden Hills Temptation
-Suya, Fresno & Gose Pork Sausage
-House Cured Duck Confit
-Chili’d Pumpkin Seeds
-Hop Honey, PIPA Mustard, Pickled Mustard Seed
-Baby Carrot | Cucumber | Ginger

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