CHEF’S FEATURES 10/07/2017

CHEF’S FEATURES 10/07/2017

SOUP: Pork, Chicken, Celeriac, and Pumpkin

BISQUE: Beef, Tomato, Red Wine

SEASONAL VEGETABLE: Celeriac and Corn Hash w/Chipotle Dukkah

ANCIENT GRAIN: Culantro, Parsley, Lemon, Honey and Blistered Heirloom Tomato Bulgur

MUSHROOMS: Cultivated: Oysters and Shiitake | Wild: Honey and Hen of the Woods

DAILY SNACK (NE IPA, Gose, Sour): FoxWood Run Farms Goats Milk Ricotta | Three Fold Farms Figs and Asian Pear | Nasturtium Leaves | Black Garlic Vin | Aquaponic Watercress | Smoked Salt

BURGER (Sour Beer or IPA/DIPA): Grilled Pork | Middle Eastern BBQ Sauce | Gorgonzola Dressing | Orange and Saffron Pickled Lotus Root | Aquaponic Greens | York City Pretzel Roll

SEAFOOD – (Wheat, Belgian): Pan Seared Almond Flour Dusted Trout | Duck Fat Purple Mashed Potatoes | Grilled Aquaponic Baby Bok Choy | Carrot and Lavender Puree | Black Chanterelle Mushroom Dust | Toasted Hazelnuts

FARM STEAK (IPA, DIPA): Eastern PA Pork Loin OR Locust Lame Farms Beef Porterhouse Steak both seasoned w/Koji and Montreal

Brûlée: Paw Paw OR Paw Paw/Caramelized Walnut

COOKIES: Nanna’s Chocolate Chip | Chocolate Chili Pumpkin Seed | Shoofly Pie Macaron Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cake Cookie | Bacardi Mango Lollipop
Seasonal Ice Cream: Paw Paw

-Dutch Meadows Camembert
-Green Acres Farm Red Wine Washed Gouda
-Ginger, Shallot, Fennel Seed Pork Sausage
-Smoked Sweet Hog Farm Pork + Fennel Terrine
-House Smoked Trout
-Toasted Hazelnuts
-Hop Honey, PIPA Mustard, Pickled Mustard Seed
-Watermelon Rind, Lotus Root, and Cucumber
-Strawberry and Chipotle Puree

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