“ Every day, my team and I create the most up-to-date representations of seasonality with our menu of Chef’s Daily Features: more than 18 daily changing items. These entrées, plates, bowls, soups, and individual components are created with some of Central Pennsylvania’s freshest product. This amazing product is brought directly to your plate with the most innovative techniques and ideas from across the culinary world. We are inspired by a yearning to create something truly unique, all the while following the most basic of mantras: ‘make them happy with this food!’”

Kurt Wewer, Executive Chef

“This is my third time dining at the Garlic Poet and each time was amazing. I’m always blown away by the menu. I try foods I’ve never heard of but everything tastes delicious. Every entree on the menu is unique and has a twist that you would never expect. I will definitely be dining here again and I recommend it to anyone tired of eating the same old same old.”



Have a peek at our 18 menu items that change daily…