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**these menu items can be prepared with dietary restrictions as indicated upon request**
**Items marked Gluten Reduced are available to be prepared with minimal or no gluten. We do not guarantee zero cross contact with gluten.**

Chef’s Charcuterie & PA Creamery Cheese Board

always house-made: charcuterie | pickles | breads | mustards | accompaniments | Chef’s choice local cheeses: Shellbark Hollow Farm, Keswick Creamery, Caputo Brothers’ Creamery, Dutch Meadows Organics, Round Top Farms, Misty Creek Goat Dairy, Clover Creek Cheese Cellar, Trickling Springs Creamery / 17  

Gluten Free


Short Rib Fries

triple cooked russet potatoes | 5-hour braised beef short rib | Caputo Brothers’ cagliata cheese curd | seasonal stout demi glace | minced chives / 9.5

Pork & Pumpkin Fries

triple cooked russet potatoes | Ever Grain Brewing Co’s Fluffhead Hefeweizen-braised pork shoulder | friend shaved fennel | curried pumpkin purée | sweet & sour chili sauce | pickled shallot / 8

“Popcorn” Chicken

flash fried cornmeal breaded chicken nuggs, dusted with Calicutt’s chili-lime salt | “Hot Mess” spicy lime flavored Popped Culture popcorn | toasted sweet corn | corn shoots | pickled Fresno chili | culantro | kimchi vinaigrette | sorrrel / 9


lightly cornmeal fried | fig & red wine marmalade | shaved fennel | aquaponic sorrel and pea tendrils | lemon-cardamom vinaigrette | Fresno-chili agrodolce / 11  


Lamb Kebabs

lemon and Calicutt’s za’atar infused | poblano pepper | red onion | culantro yogurt | hemp seed chimichurri | Egyptian dukkah quinoa | frisée | pickled shallot / 11

Lettuce Wraps

choice of: five-spiced chicken OR five-spiced vegan quinoa
house-fermented kimchi (not vegan) | crisp vegetable noodles | shaved radish | culantro | pea tendrils | red wine pickled shallots | seasonal lettuce cups | sesame-ginger chili sauce / 11


Pale Ale Fondue

**serves two**
Tröegs beer | brie | warm baguette OR 12-grain toast / 13  


Mushroom Toast

fresh herb and chanterelle mushroom whipped Keswick Creamery quark cheese | duck fat and ras el hanout sautéed local mushrooms | pickled shallots | cured egg yolk | charcoal onion purée | 12-grain toast / 10


Garlic Poet Burrata

fresh-pulled, warm mozzarella made from Caputo Brother’s cheese curd | cream and sea salt emulsion | grilled watermelon rolled in Calicutt’s Egyptian Dukkah seasoning | house cured duck prosciutto | aquaponic basil, parsley, sorrel, and nasturtium | olive oil | hibiscus gastrique | Buck’s County bee pollen / 12



crispy cauliflower | marigold and grapefruit emulsion | smoked pearl onions | avocado purée | shaved radish | hearts of palm | purple carrot | culantro | parsley | sorrel | hemp seeds / 9  

Gluten Free  

Chef’s Daily Snack

Tapas and salads and appetizers oh my! Our chef has created a special treat to try!  From scrapple to sweet treats and so much more, this rotating, seasonal snack plate is for you to explore! / MARKET PRICE

“You can taste the love and attention to detail that is put into these unique dishes. Bold combinations and subtle nuances, this place has it all.”



Daily Soup / 5

Daily Bisque / 5

 Best Soup in Harrisburg

Applewood Smoked Trout

aquaponic greens, micro greens, and flowers | fried capers | pickled shallot | carrot | radish | summer tomato | cucumber and dill ranch / 12

Quinoa Bowl

chilled maple and scallion quinoa | aquaponic kale, arugula, and Napa cabbage | hearts of palm | roasted beets | cucumber | sweet corn | pea tendrils | chili’d pumpkin seeds | sumac dust | cardamom-vanilla vinaigrette / 10  

Gluten Free

Warm Squash, Cabbage, & Grains

warm squash “bowl” | Chef’s choice ancient whole grains | warm sautéed aquaponic kale, arugula, Napa cabbage, and Brussels sprout leaves | toasted pumpkin seeds | Caputo Brothers’ ricotta | pickled shallot | grapefruit and marigold vinaigrette / 11

Gluten Free


all sandwiches served with a house pickle, and choice of soup, bisque, OR triple cooked fries

GP Haiku Burger

aquaponic baby greens | tomato pesto | red onion
Choose One: Angus beef 17 | American bison 20
Choose One: Keswick Creamery’s wallaby | pale ale fondue | Caputo Brothers’ provola | gorgonzola | Caputo Brothers’ ricotta
Choose One: brioche | sourdough | York City pretzel roll
Add: bacon +2 | fried farm egg +1 | avocado +1 | kimchi +1 | fresh pulled mozzarella +5 | truffle aioli +1

Gluten Free

Short Rib Grilled Cheese

5-hour braised beef short rib | wallaby cheese | provola cheese | fried shaved fennel | 12-grain toast /14

Gluten Free

Pork & Kimchi Tacos (3)

Lancaster County-raised pork shoulder; braised in Ever Grain Brewing Co’s Fluffhead Hefeweizen | house-fermented kimchi | sweet corn | avocado | culantro yogurt | pickled Fresno chilis and shallots | culantro | corn & flour tortillas / 13


hemp seed chimichurri and chanterelle powder whipped Keswick Creamery quark cheese | hearts of palm | carrot | pea tendril | roasted beet | kale, arugula, and Napa cabbage | cucumber | marigold and grapefruit vinaigrette | 12-grain toast / 12

gluten-free-icon Gluten Free

Chef’s Burger

Constantly changing burger. Look for wild boar, veal, pork, duck, venison, sausage, or even scrapple and fish! Always made in-house, and topped with Chef’s house-made accompaniments. Ask your server about today’s selection! / 17

Francis Bacon

lightly marinated and grilled chicken | avocado | house smoked bacon | truffle aioli | frisée | sourdough / 13  

Gluten Free

“My favorite local place! Always new great farm entrees to try. Made with fresh local in season ingredients. We try to go at least once a season to try the new menus. Always surprised and satisfied at what Chef Kurt comes up with. Love that they serve kids REAL food too. And we always save room for the homemade ice cream the flavors are unusual and delicious!”


Order 1, or order 2. Maybe wait to see what your friends do? Try something familiar or try something new; our mission is making people happy with our food!

Chef’s Seafood

The freshest day-boat seafood paired with seasonal, locally sourced accompaniments. Always designed daily by our Executive and Sous Chefs! Ask your serve what seafood was delivered fresh today! / MARKET PRICE

Local Farm Steak

Your choice from today’s local farm cuts; grilled to your specification. Choose from the freshest available cuts of beef, pork, bison, venison, or lamb! Always local. Always fresh.

finished with house-made koji-rice seasoning | hemp seed and fresh herb chimichurri | charcoal onion purée | ancient whole grain | seasonal vegetable | pickled shallot / MARKET PRICE

Winter Squash & Whole Grains

oven roasted squash | grilled cauliflower | Chef’s choice ancient whole grains | white wine sautéed mushrooms | crunchy pork guanciale lardons | fried shaved fennel | preserved tomato purée /12


Cornmeal Fried Skate Wing

light cajun seasoning | cornmeal breading | maple and scallion hush puppies | creole remoulade | culantro yogurt | grilled lemon | malt vinegar / 12

Five Hour Braised Short Ribs

Eastern PA-raised Angus beef | oven roasted winter squash | orange and fresh herb sous-vide baby carrots | seasonal stout Demi glacé | Granny Smith apple, kale, marigold, and grapefruit slaw | cacao dust / 17

Gluten Free

Duck & Mushroom Bucatini

pan-seared, PA-raised duck breast | wild and native-PA mushrooms | dried cherries | wild, foraged hickory nuts & walnuts | white wine | sage | cured egg yolk | ricotta /26

Gluten Free

ERosemary & Lemon Infused Chicken

all-natural, bone-in chicken breast | smoked and balsamic braised Brussels sprouts and pearl onions | goat’s milk hominy grits topped with hemp seeds and hop honey | blackberry foam | charred leek ash / 15

Gluten Free

Seasonal Crème Brûlée

classic, decadent, creamy, and indulgent…Chef changes the flavor every time he makes them. / 6.5  

Gluten Free

Nanna’s Cookie Box

Over the river & through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go…for assorted seasonal cookies and treats of all types. Vanilla-maple and PA maple pot de crème is included ’cause Nanna said so! / 8  


Urban Churn Ice Creams

seasonal flavors developed by Chef Kurt with Adam Brackbill of Urban Churn / 5
ask which of our hand-crafted ice-creams are Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and/or Vegan!

Malted Bourbon Vanilla  

Chocolate and Troegenator 

Rotating Seasonal Flavor 

Mint Chocolate Chip (made with coconut milk)  

Ricotta & Preserved Summer Berries

elderflower and maple preserved raspberries and blackberries from Threefold Farms | Caputo Brothers ricotta | hop-infused honey | berry dust | cacao nibs / 7

Salted Caramel S’mores Puffle

espresso-chocolate puffy waffle | toasted marshmallow | Chef’s salted caramel | chocolate and cardamom ganache | graham cracker dust | chocolate troegenator ice cream / 9  



Russett Potato: triple cooked french fries / 4
Baby Carrots: sous-vide cooked with fresh herbs, olive oil, and orange / 4
Local Mushrooms: New Cumberland-grown and/or wild foraged, duck fat white wine sautéed / 4.5

Brussels Sprouts & Pearl Onions: hickory-wood smoked, balsamic roasted / 4
Hominy Grits: yellow grits cooked in Foxwood Run Farm’s goat milk and finished with hemp seeds, chives, and hop-infused local honey / 4
Seasonal Vegetable: Changes daily, Chef’s choice / 4

Poet Side Salad: kale, arugula, Napa cabbage, corn, carrot, cucumber, radish, choice of dressing / 5.5
Ancient Whole Grain
: Changes daily, Chef’s choice / 4.5
Winter Squash: Changes daily, Chef’s choice, grilled / 4

all meals include choice of one side, choice of drink, and a side of applesauce

Grilled Marinated Chicken

boneless, skinless natural chicken thigh | lemon marinated / 6

Gluten Free

Local Harvest Angus Beef Burger

4 oz. grilled burger | Caputo Brothers provola cheese | baby greens | tomato pesto | brioche / 7.5

Gluten Free

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

lemon marinated, boneless, skinless natural chicken thigh | Caputo Brothers provola cheese | baby greens | tomato pesto | brioche / 7

Gluten Free

9” Hand Tossed Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza

house made dough | house sauce | mozzarella / 7
vegan and/or gluten-reduced pizza +2

Hush Puppies (6 each)

maple and scallion corn batter | creole remoulade for dipping / 5.5

Skate Fish Tacos (2)

corn meal breaded and fried | creole remoulade | Napa cabbage, kale, and arugula | sweet corn | corn & flour tortilla / 8


Enjoy our Happy Hour Monday-Friday 5PM - 7PM

Bar Area Only:

$5 House Cocktails

$6 Specialty Libations & Glasses of Wine

$4 All PA Drafts

Daily Drink Features:

Monday: $6 Blind Wine Tasting

Tuesday: $5 Cuervo Margarita

Wednesday: $5 Moscow Mule

Thursday: $5 Perpetual IPA Pints

Friday: $5 Sangria


maple and lime seasoned | local preserved tomato | cucumber | frisee | lemon cardamom vinaigrette / 5


Fried Kimchi

house beer batter dipped | sesame-ginger-chili miso / 5

5-Hour Braised Beef Short Rib & Avocado

fried shaved fennel | pickled shallot / 5

House Mozzarella

hand pulled mozzarella | grapefruit vinaigrette | olive oil | Buck’s county bee pollen / 5


Smoked Trout

pale and amaranth flatbread | house pickle | PIPA mustard / 5

Cornmeal Fried Fish Nuggs

creole remoulade | grilled lemon / 5

Fried Cauliflower

truffle aioli / 5